Does practicing sports really prevent the appearance of varicose veins?

“Sport is good for everything”, but these words must be taken with care, since the practice of some sports can have negative effects for some health problems. In this sense, today we ask ourselves: what impact does the practice of sports have on the appearance of varicose veins? We will try to answer this big question.

To begin with, varicose and spider veins appear when you have blood circulation problems, so there are a number of sports that are not recommended at all for those who suffer from problems of this kind. Some of these sports can be football or handball, which have negative effects on varicose veins. Sports in which contact is common can aggravate the problems presented by varicose veins by causing bleeding due to rupture. Following this criteria, boxing or rugby are other sports that we can include in the list of negatives.

It is also recommended to avoid static sports, in other words, those that require significant physical effort but are performed without moving around, such as Olympic weightlifting.

We can find sports that do have a positive impact and could help prevent the appearance of varicose and spider veins. These sports are the ones that somehow help improve blood circulation. One of the sports that you should practice if you have varicose veins is swimming: the effect of the water and the movement of the muscles activates blood circulation, positioning itself as one of the most recommended.

Also, another of the recommended activities to combat varicose veins is walking, yes, as simply as it sounds. In doing so, pressure is exerted on the sole of the foot, which activates circulation. Riding a bicycle is another of the sports that can be done to prevent varicose veins. A short walk or bike ride every day can be very beneficial and give you incredible results. Walking to work, walking your pet or cycling short distances are activities that everyone can do and that simply work to prevent the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

In conclusion, we can say that leading a sedentary life is very harmful for your legs, however, we can say that aerobic exercises or sports will have a positive impact on the prevention of the appearance of varicose veins. Accompanying the practice of sports with our topical treatment for varicose veins will further enhance the results, accelerating the process to achieve visible results in a shorter period of time. By applying our topical bioflavonoid creams, all active ingredients are absorbed directly into your skin and cardiovascular system, offering better efficiency and faster results.

Try more natural and less invasive ways to treat your varicose veins, avoiding expensive surgical interventions. Ask us to receive personalized advice and assistance from our team.