What are the causes of the appearance of Varicose Veins

The pandemic has left consequences that can be seen and felt on your legs. Sitting for so long, without leaving the house, neglecting sports activity, among other quarantine habits, can be factors that negatively influence the well-being of your legs. What other factors contribute to the appearance of varicose veins?

According to the latest epidemiological studies, 30% of the world's population has varicose veins. Typical symptoms are heaviness, tiredness, pain, and swelling of the ankles. These symptoms and signs are usually aggravated throughout the day when the legs become overloaded with blood and the pressure inside the veins increases. Depending on the genetic load, diet and lifestyle of the person, the appearance of the first varicose veins can be very early. In fact, the most rapidly developing varicose veins usually appear in youth. It is also known that as we age, the risk of varicose veins increases.

Having a parent with varicose veins causes 40% of their offspring to develop varicose veins. If they are both parents, the probability of developing varicose veins is above 60%. On the other hand, hormonal changes in women can also be a factor that favors the appearance of varicose veins. In fact, out of ten people with varicose veins, between six and seven are women and 40% of pregnant women develop varicose veins due to increased pressure inside the veins. After delivery there is an improvement in the symptoms and the appearance of varicose veins usually improves, but usually there are always some left, it is very difficult for them to disappear completely without further treatment.

The important thing is that varicose veins can be treated to reduce their visibility, but not only the benefit is aesthetic, it is also important for the health of your legs. To make a correct treatment you have to start with an accurate diagnosis. Then different treatments can be done to improve symptoms and prevent progression and avoid complications. Topical treatments such as VVT cream is a convenient option in cost and of natural origin, providing almost instant relief and showing progressive aesthetic improvements with daily application.

Treating varicose veins effectively will improve your quality of life, reducing the negative impact symptoms have on your daily life. Consult a doctor and start a treatment that fits your diagnosis.